amira nailah

About The Author

Amira Nailah is a 22 year old artist, writer and poet based in Atlanta. At a very young age, she was heavily inspired by her mother and older sisters to begin writing novels. It wasn’t until her early teen years that she steered away from those larger works, and found that her true passion was poetry. She started expressing her experiences and inner thoughts in her journal and notes app whenever she felt the urge. At 14, she discovered the art of writing based off of a muse, and was heavily influenced by rappers she started to discover. This is when she finally decided to pursue poetry more seriously.


She spent a little over two years working on her debut collection of poetry and prose, where she spills her soul into pieces about love, pain and self discovery, in hopes that it will find its way to other people’s personal journeys. Recently, her passion has become not only writing, but also the gift of helping others feel understood and heard.


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